About Us

About Us

Bespoke Solar is a trusted solar power solutions provider with our customer at our core.

As a Business Professional, I have had experience in Business Development, Sales and Marketing Management, Contract Management and Recruiting. My skills include solid management skills, sound creative and strategic sales skills derived from working within a team focused on driving sales and satisfying company objectives in a collaborative manner. I thrive in challenging, fast-paced environments where my creativity, sales and marketing skills can directly affect how products and services are communicated and delivered to consumers.

I have a strong work ethic that leads to solid decision-making and problem-solving skills, enabling me to establish trust among colleagues. I am also known for my ability to quickly lead, communicate and motivate others into action.

With more than 24 years’ experience, I am adept in optimising team performance aligning diverse agendas opportunity identification.

Bespoke Solar provides Sustainable and Renewable Energy Solutions.

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